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    of mobility

    Mobile world of ALLRIDE services offers RIDECAR short-term rent a car, BIZZRIDE long-term car rental, and RIDE2 Chauffeur and Taxi service.

  • Synergy of solutions that guarantee safe mobility

    Top service and the most practical solutions for relaxed rides to your preferred destinations. Start a journey with a safe decision.

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Short Term Rental

Every step of the way

The choice between 2000 possibilities.

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RIDE2 Taxi service

Experience the adventure

Become a Loyalty Club member and ride with extra discounts.

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Make a choice that is going to surpass your expectations

Long term solutions for all your needs.

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A simple and elegant solution

Give your clients and co-workers a special treatment.

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  • RIDECAR Car Rental

    Find everything from small city vehicles to luxury vehicles.

  • RIDE2 Chauffeur & Taxi Service

    Professional and high standards of services.

  • BIZZRIDE Fleet Management

    Make a careful choice
    for your own style.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric vehicles,
    the coming future.

  • Ride2

    “They take care of their vehicles and the environment and the drivers are very friendly. I'm pleasantly surprised. ”

    Andrea Mendek

    “One and only taxi that has electric vehicles, in addition to being the most qualified. I would recommend it to everyone.”

    Antonio Vidović
  • Bizzride

    “Splendid and quality service.”

    Maja Kišić

    “The best rent service yet. The staff is attentive, fast and very professional. Thank you. ”

    Anita Hodak
  • Ridecar

    “Efficient service, the car was in great condition, polite personnel. I recommend!”

    Tea Soladić

    “Very kind chauffeurs who will always help you with luggage.”

    Kevin Benzecry
  • Ride2

    “Exemplary service for business users.”

    Marko Horvat

    “A new, clean and tidy car with a service as well!”

    Mia Lončić
  • Bizzride

    “Our partners and people we always gladly co-operate with.”

    Ivana Perić

    “The staff is polite and are real professionals, quick car issuing and new vehicles, I recommend.”

    Mateo Bertović
  • Ridecar

    “Flawless professionalism and kindness. Thank you for everything.”

    Krešimir Miloš

    “Terrific experience, the drivers are very helpful, the vehicles are new. Truly, I recommend.”

    Dino D.
  • Ride2

    “An affordable solution that is a refreshment we needed in Zagreb! I was really satisfied!”

    Josipa Furdin

    “A new, fragrant and clean car and a delightful driver. And, the most important part of the story, I will continue to use the service definitely. Highly recommended!”

    Mija Štiburek
  • Bizzride

    “Very content with the individual approach and the effort made to satisfy the needs of our company.”

    Denis Novak

    “We are very satisfied with the service provided. ”

    Andrej Šoštarić
  • Ridecar

    “Well disposed and professional personnel. The cars are all new and the service is great.”

    Marko Lukin

    “A wide selection of vehicles and really friendly staff. I'm very pleased with the service. ”

    Lana Blažević
  • Ride2

    “I finally found a taxi service in Zagreb that is careful about the car's cleanliness and fragrance. ”

    Ivana Hodak

    “The most quality taxi service. ”

    Monika Bojčić
  • Bizzride

    “Words of praise for the customer service that was always available. ”

    Tamara Blažević

    “Recommendations to everybody. ”

    Ivan Kovačević
  • Ridecar

    “Highly recommended! New cars, young & dynamic customer care.”

    R. K.

    “Very much recommended, an accesible and simple experience we will definitely repeat.”

    Jelena Mihalić
  • Bizzride

    “The staff is friendly. The service is very good and practical, the car is in excellent condition. I recommend!”

    Sanja S.

    “Professional service and amazing offers. I would recommend it to everyone.”

    Dragan Tomašić
  • Ridecar

    “Used Ridecar from Zadar three times last year. Always excellent price, service, cars and staff. Highly recommended.”

    Michael Brady

    “Great experience, kind and helpful staff, new car. Recommendations. ”

    Dino N.

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