The magic of giving

The magic of giving

We base our business on mutual trust

As a reliable partner of your mobility in long – term rental, short-term rental and professional transportation which we have integrated into one brand named ALLRIDE Mobility Solutions. Also, we are proud of numerous partnerships and cooperation.


We base our business on mutual trust with our customers as well as our partners and suppliers. Our long-time partnership with Večernji list has brought us a handful of new contacts and beautiful cooperation in the form of giveaways in which we strive to express our gratitude to you, our loyal customers.

This year we have awarded a reader of Večernji list with a year of free use of the vehicle Fiat Panda Young&Easy with 6.000,00 kn on a Petrol day card. More about this can be read in our article RIDECAR and Večernji list reward you, while last year's award was the vehicle Volkswagen e-up !, which was won by  Marija Anđelić. For her driving experience of this electric car and her participation in the prize game, read more.

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